Air Camp

About us

Air Camp is a not-for-profit organization founded in the Birthplace of Aviation — Dayton, Ohio — home to the Wright Brothers. The intent of all programs is to help students across the nation to become more aware of STEM professions, with an emphasis on aviation and aeronautics, and to increase students' confidence to pursue such opportunities throughout K-12 grades and beyond by building skills in leadership, scholarship and citizenship.

Our commitment to inspire young learners to pursue STEM education and career opportunities in aviation and aeronautics continues to grow as a result of the support of dedicated local, state and national volunteers and donors. Learn more about our programs at: aircampusa.com

How we use donated award miles

Air Camp, Inc. will proudly utilize generously donated miles toward the transportation of
students and teachers from a broad spectrum of backgrounds to immerse themselves in
hands-on STEM aviation and aeronautics career and learning opportunities, to collaborate with
STEM professional partners in careers and education programs across the country, and to engage donors to
support the success of the program.


Recent Donations
  • CC 5,000 Miles Chloe C 4 months ago
  • EM 8,910 Miles Elliot M 5 months ago
  • KW 2,000 Miles Kent W 6 months ago
  • NS 2,000 Miles Nancy S one year ago
  • DS 2,000 Miles Daniel S one year ago
  • UACEC 8,000 Miles United Airlines Community Engagement C one year ago