Mercy Medical Angels

About us

Mercy Medical Angels (MMA) fills a societal need that most people don't know exists; namely, the need for long-distance patient travel. Most of us have easy access to local hospitals and medical specialists that offer quality care. But millions of our fellow Americans live in poverty and/or in remote areas and lack the financial means to travel to distant medical specialists for treatment. Their future health and even their very lives can depend on overcoming these challenges.

MMA can serve those in need only through the generous support of foundations, corporations, individuals and institutions.

We offer the most cost-effective means of charitable transportation for each patient, based on the distance they need to travel, their medical requirements, the location they need to reach and the availability of different modes of travel as related to their specific departure and destination requirements.

Our strategy is to make sure each means of transportation; whether private aircraft, commercial airline or ground transportation; is delivered to the patient with the least overall cash cost to MMA. Travel is always free to the patient. We work hard to drive down overhead costs related to each trip and to develop partnerships with corporations or commercial transportation providers, or volunteer donor pilots that sponsor MMA or offer discounts for purchased travel for MMA patient clients.

Recent Donations
  • PG 20,000 Miles Peter G one month ago
  • TM 45,660 Miles Ted M one month ago
  • HS 1,000 Miles Honorate S 2 months ago
  • MP 6,000 Miles Martin P 2 months ago
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