Transplant Recipients International Org. (TRIO)

About us

The TRIO/United Airlines Travel Program is a cooperative arrangement between TRIO and the United Airlines Charity Miles Program. It provides transplant recipients, candidates, living donors and care-givers with cost-free air transportation when travel is transplant-related. To date, the program has made hundreds of trips possible. We're delighted with the program's success, but our award miles available are in heavy demand by needy families and our available miles are getting low. Eligibility for use of the Travel Program is based upon financial need. Specifically, use of the Travel Program must be for one of the following purposes:

  • Medical treatment or consultation prescribed by the physician of an organ transplant recipient or candidate, or

  • Travel by an organ donor for the purpose of donation or for medical consultation or treatment which is a prerequisite for donation, or

  • One person accompanying a transplant recipient or candidate who must travel and is unable to travel alone, or

  • Donor family member(s), on a case-by-case basis

Recent Donations
  • JA 30,000 Miles John A 8 months ago
  • AB 1,000 Miles Andrew B 11 months ago
  • UACEC 10,000 Miles United Airlines Community Engagement C one year ago
  • LH 5,000 Miles Lyndsey H one year ago
  • EK 1,000 Miles Elizabeth K one year ago
  • MK 5,000 Miles Michelle K one year ago