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Active Campaigns

Find a campaign you’d like to support and donate 1,000 miles or more.

An Evening of Collaboration for Breast Cancer Awareness

Donate miles to help support a wonderful evening raising money for breast cancer research!

Raised: 176,000
Goal: 500,000
81 Days left
Adaptive Adventures

Wounded Veteran Peer Mentorship - Veterans make the best peer mentors

Raised: 7,000
Goal: 500,000
70 Days left
Boys & Girls Club of Greater Vergennes

Get Out There - Vermont to South Dakota Campaign Supporting the youth in Rural Vermont

Raised: 1,000
Goal: 1,000,000
70 Days left
Engineers Without Borders - Texas A&M

We are raising miles to provide sustainable engineering solutions for communities in need around the world.

Raised: 8,000
Goal: 600,000
65 Days left
Bridge Of Hope

Assisting Migrants,refugees and Victims of Human Trafficking

Raised: 1,000
Goal: 500,000
61 Days left
Eyes Like Mine Inc

Empowering visually impaired or blind women to showcase their talents, and raising awareness about their abilities!

Raised: 1,000
Goal: 1,000,000
61 Days left
#ICANHELP + Digital4Good!

Support #ICANHELP + Digital4Good by donating your miles to empower student leaders and innovators!

Raised: 1,000
Goal: 250,000
38 Days left
Firefighter Rescue Network

Support equipment delivery and volunteers to Ukrainian State Emergency Services Responders

Raised: 70,287
Goal: 2,000,000
15 Days left
A Special Wish, Chicago

Flights for Kids With Life Threatening Conditions

Raised: 58,765
Goal: 300,000
11 Days left
Breckenridge Backstage Theatre

Miles on a Mission Campaign to help artists gain valuable experience while providing professional theatre in a historic venue.

Raised: 135,000
Goal: 500,000
11 Days left