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Active Campaigns

Find a campaign you’d like to support and donate 1,000 miles or more.

Reach the World


Raised: 1,000
Goal: 2,500,000
50 Days left
Bras for A Cause

Wing of Hope: Fly to Fight Cancer

Raised: 44,026
Goal: 5,000,000
32 Days left
Allied Forces Foundation

Cateran Yomp 54 Miles 24 Hours Hike

Raised: 23,000
Goal: 1,000,000
31 Days left
Ascend Leadership

Help Ascend train the next generation of women leaders in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Raised: 91,726
Goal: 2,000,000
18 Days left
International WOW - The Welcome Table

Bringing climate refugees from around the world together

Raised: 11,400
Goal: 500,000
18 Days left
EMERGE Fellowship

Provide a life-changing college tour experience for hundreds of high-performing students from low-income communities

Raised: 335,533
Goal: 5,000,000
16 Days left
International Hearing Dog

Help Hearing Dogs Take Flight!

Raised: 297,548
Goal: 250,000
10 Days left
Project Love Global

Celebrate Christmas with a child in need in Trinidad with us!

Raised: 1,000
Goal: 900,000
7 Days left
Project Kenny

Service Dog Transport

Raised: 170,504
Goal: 500,000
6 Days left
Salvage Life - Adaptive Sports

Help us to provide travel support to adaptive athletes traveling for competitions and events.

Raised: 1,000
Goal: 300,000
6 Days left